Monday, 5 September 2011

Istana Singapore Open House

Today (30/8/2011) is my last day of the long weekend and Singapore public holiday, Hari Raya. Just feel like carry my Lumix G1 camera and 14-42mm lenses to try few shots ...  Due to Istana Singapore open house, I have the chance to take few shots in the open house event. Even though the space of Istana is very big, we still feel very crowded because of the open house and the security check is very strict.

Below is the photo i've taken after i go in Istana. I like the punchy yellowish and greenish color of the tree and grass,  just feel comfortable looking at the tree and grass in the photo.

1/250sec, f/6.3, ISO320, 14mm

In the following shot, i used shutter priority to create some movement effect of the bus in contract to static human. I did a handheld shooting on this photo and after a few try, i get the following shot.

1/6sec, f/22, ISO-320, 14mm

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