Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bugis Street Photos

Oops ... after today photo shooting, i found that the jpeg setting set to the lowest quality ! All the jpeg photos are set in lowest resolution setting unintended. But anyway, still manage to squeeze out few photos which can posted here.

The photo shooting started from the india street then later on to the Bugis street.

(Waiting for traffic light)

(street performer)

Happened to met few actor in the Bugis street, i didn't in front but i guess they are distributing some promotion flyers ...

(actors having promotion in Bugis street)

I think they are Singtel Mio TV promoters, as seen from the photos below ...


Auntie selling flowers and some chinese Kuih for praying in the temple. During this shot, auntie on the right side said: you can't take people photos here ... BUT i already taken in my camera ..

shocked by photo shooting

(selling chinese medicine)

Tea break time ...

This is a quick photos shooting session during the lonely weekend. The only regret is the photo resolution set to the lowest ...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Birthday @ Clarke Quay

Went to Clarke Quay for my birthday celebration with my girlfriend. Taken some photos along the way to the Brewerks pub. It's a pleasure walk and i captured some scenes that i would like to share here.

A weird dome, there are 2 weird domes in the "The Central" shopping center for shoppers to rest. I do not really understand why in the shopping centre they built a shelter for that.

Fake Leg. real or fake leg??? My girlfriend spotted this fake leg in the resting area.
Fake Leg

Reflection and Hush Puppy
Love letter?! I don't know where the people get this love shape paper and write on it then hang it in the fence, we are trying to get one, but can't find the papers ...

There are many people along the street even though it is not a weekend. We enjoy our long awaited stroll along the street. On the most left hand side, can any person see the Brewerks banner (Please click the photo to see ...)? That is the pub we are heading to ...
Jumbo Seafood restaurant along the Clarke Quay
I like B&W photos, recently, i shot a lot of B&W photos. Personally, i think B&W will provide clean subject explosion effect which color photo difficult to present.
Beautiful Night scene along the Clarke Quay and The Central Shopping centre

Waiting for my girlfriend during the toilet session, i took a photo for myself ...the scene behind my image is mixed with the background behind me and the opposite outside as I'm standing in front of the window at 3rd floor.

I took this photos from the 3rd floor, these 2 persons spotted me when i point my camera to them. As the shutter speed is slow and the photo is taken behind the window, these person looked like superimposed on the background and the background scene can still be seen, i like this kind of virtual effect even though it's not a sharp clean photo.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Friend's House Visit @ Johor Bahru, Impian Emas

Have a short trip to a best friend in Malaysia during the last weekend, and taken out my new Panasonic 45mm-200mm f4-5.6 for a quick shot. Below are some of the photos taken but filter out quite a number of night shot as well for the night shot. Without the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), the minimum focal length of 45mm (90mm equiv.) should shoot at 1/90 sec to provide a sharp photos. For tele end, which is 200mm (400mm equiv.) should shoot at least 1/400 sec to provide a sharp photos as a rule of thumb. My internet research found that more than around 170mm (340mm equiv.), the lenses can't produce a sharper image, and personally so far, i found that it's "quite" true, so i keep the focal length below that number as far as possible.

(all the photos shown here are straight from camera jpeg file without any software editting)

My first shot, i shot this photo outside in Singapore with enough light, i think the image is pretty sharp.
(316mm, f/5.3, ISO-1000, 1/3200sec)
after some adaptation to the lenses, i manage to prevent bluring image for shuttle speed of 1/50sec, the OIS has help a lot. i found that as long as the shutter speed above 1/50sec, i can basically take any photos steadily. Even though the lenses doesn't have a very amazing bokeh effect, but it's still provide a very decent and enough bokeh in the following photo.
(122mm, f/5.6, ISO-1600, 1/50sec)
My friend, Fook Lai, and me were sitting outside his house where there is a water filter in front of us, this photo demonstrate a clean image of ISO-1600 produce from Lumix G3. The shutter speed also even lower, at 1/15 sec, i think my steady hand has improved a lot ... ha-ha ... BTW, i like the little bokeh behind the subject as well.
(182mm, f/5.6, ISO-1600, 1/15sec)
 Here we come to the focus of our night with my best friend, a hot sake which is specially pre-heated and brought back from Japan. Great Taste!

(90mm, f/4, ISO-1600, 1/10sec)

 A Kirin fruit beer brought back by him as well, it's full of fruit taste!

(90mm, 1/8sec, ISO-1600, 1/8sec)
A sharp beer and a nice background! Even though i was having so much beer and wine, my firm hand still help me to produce the following picture at 1/4sec.
(90mm, f/4, ISO-1000, 1/4sec)

I didn't take too much photo during this session due to the busy schedule that we have, hopefully I can take more picture in the next session. Still thinking where to shoot for my next Pana 45mm-200mm session ...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Portrait Shooting - Batanic Garden - B&W

Selected 2 photos from the last portrait shooting session and converted to B&W photo, i think i like B&W more than the color version photos.