Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bugis Street Photos

Oops ... after today photo shooting, i found that the jpeg setting set to the lowest quality ! All the jpeg photos are set in lowest resolution setting unintended. But anyway, still manage to squeeze out few photos which can posted here.

The photo shooting started from the india street then later on to the Bugis street.

(Waiting for traffic light)

(street performer)

Happened to met few actor in the Bugis street, i didn't in front but i guess they are distributing some promotion flyers ...

(actors having promotion in Bugis street)

I think they are Singtel Mio TV promoters, as seen from the photos below ...


Auntie selling flowers and some chinese Kuih for praying in the temple. During this shot, auntie on the right side said: you can't take people photos here ... BUT i already taken in my camera ..

shocked by photo shooting

(selling chinese medicine)

Tea break time ...

This is a quick photos shooting session during the lonely weekend. The only regret is the photo resolution set to the lowest ...

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