Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chingay @ Bukit Panjang Town 2012

Lion Dance
 In February, I attended a Chingay at Bukit Panjang Town 2012. It's my first time attended Chingay in Singapore and this chingay is so near to my house so i attended with my girlfriend. This is also my first time using the DXO Film pack to process the photos, the result is really good!

Since all the photos here are taken with my combination of Panasonic G3 and the 14-42mm kit lenses (i set the ISO to ISO-1600 in order to balance between the ISO noise and the shutter speed) in a very dim shooting conditions, i do not have high expectation on the photos posted here due to the lenses that i used BUT, after i use the DXO film pack, i found the different is huge. Personally, i feel that the DXO film pack will sharpen all the image and hence they look better than the original photo.Of course, i like the natural color produced by it!

Let's have a look of the photos here ! (All the photos are processed using mode : Generic Fuji Velvia 100 in DXO)

What's that?

Open Ceremony, Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance Shot

The shooting condition is very challenging for my kit lenses, i pushed up all the ISO to 1600, the above photo shutter speed is 1/60sec, focal length:84mm(equiv) and the subject still not sharp enough, this is the best that i can have during that crowded situation.

Sharper Dragon head finally!, the exposure time pushed to 1/160sec, focal length:84mm(equiv)

A sudden head from an Uncle, i never expect he will stand up while i'm still framing, but his head still under foocuss..

People, the DXO deliver good color to this photo

Indian Dance

Waiting for the chingay vehicles

Panning, i think i need more practice. 1/8sec, f/5.3, focal length:102mm(equiv), tele-converter:on

People standing everywhere to wait for the chingay vehicle

Missed the focus!, too much contrast distracted by the light, very difficult to focus well

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Malaysia Pen Lovers Group - Chinatown attack!

Happened to have chance to meet few friends from Pen Lovers Group from KL, Malaysia and some from Singapore. This is my first time meeting them and i really have a good time meeting them and learn from some skill in street shooting as this is my first time shooting with them who are very experiences in street shooting, especially koon yik who share a lot of experience with me, thank ya !

the photos are taken in 15/01/2012, which is at China Town, Singapore, i just have time to relook back the photos recently after my busy course study. Beside KoonYik, i also have to thanks Eric for sharing his lovely Olympus 45mm F1.8 lenses with me !

(* photo edited in Lightroom with some plugging from Eric Kim:,

Group Photo (From Left: Francis, Eric, Aldrin, KoonYik and Luke)

Eric and Aldrin

Gear gear gear!

Even though KoonYik is from KL, Malaysia, but seems that he is more familiar than us on where to get second hand photography gear. it's an interesting shopping for me to see all the gear here.

Leica R camera, expensive stuff


Francis EP3

Eric and Aldrin, With "Eric Kim Portra 400 preset"
This photo edited with Eric Kim Portra 400 presets, i like this color!

Another group photo, B&W

After a long discussion of photo experience sharing, finally we heading down to chinatown for the street shooting, first shoot here: KoonYik.

Some photos to share below ...

Sibling selling their food, after they found i'm shooting, they turn shy ...


It's very crowded there!

Concentration on sketching


Idling ...

Uncle is grabbing somethings valuable which ignored by people

Selling stuff, it's stuffy day

Happy selling his food

Sales promoter busy explains his products to people

Another promoter

candid shot!

Cool man

Focus and thinking

Crowded place