Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Friend's House Visit @ Johor Bahru, Impian Emas

Have a short trip to a best friend in Malaysia during the last weekend, and taken out my new Panasonic 45mm-200mm f4-5.6 for a quick shot. Below are some of the photos taken but filter out quite a number of night shot as well for the night shot. Without the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), the minimum focal length of 45mm (90mm equiv.) should shoot at 1/90 sec to provide a sharp photos. For tele end, which is 200mm (400mm equiv.) should shoot at least 1/400 sec to provide a sharp photos as a rule of thumb. My internet research found that more than around 170mm (340mm equiv.), the lenses can't produce a sharper image, and personally so far, i found that it's "quite" true, so i keep the focal length below that number as far as possible.

(all the photos shown here are straight from camera jpeg file without any software editting)

My first shot, i shot this photo outside in Singapore with enough light, i think the image is pretty sharp.
(316mm, f/5.3, ISO-1000, 1/3200sec)
after some adaptation to the lenses, i manage to prevent bluring image for shuttle speed of 1/50sec, the OIS has help a lot. i found that as long as the shutter speed above 1/50sec, i can basically take any photos steadily. Even though the lenses doesn't have a very amazing bokeh effect, but it's still provide a very decent and enough bokeh in the following photo.
(122mm, f/5.6, ISO-1600, 1/50sec)
My friend, Fook Lai, and me were sitting outside his house where there is a water filter in front of us, this photo demonstrate a clean image of ISO-1600 produce from Lumix G3. The shutter speed also even lower, at 1/15 sec, i think my steady hand has improved a lot ... ha-ha ... BTW, i like the little bokeh behind the subject as well.
(182mm, f/5.6, ISO-1600, 1/15sec)
 Here we come to the focus of our night with my best friend, a hot sake which is specially pre-heated and brought back from Japan. Great Taste!

(90mm, f/4, ISO-1600, 1/10sec)

 A Kirin fruit beer brought back by him as well, it's full of fruit taste!

(90mm, 1/8sec, ISO-1600, 1/8sec)
A sharp beer and a nice background! Even though i was having so much beer and wine, my firm hand still help me to produce the following picture at 1/4sec.
(90mm, f/4, ISO-1000, 1/4sec)

I didn't take too much photo during this session due to the busy schedule that we have, hopefully I can take more picture in the next session. Still thinking where to shoot for my next Pana 45mm-200mm session ...

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