Thursday 22 December 2011

Panasonic Lumix G1 and Canon FD 28mm F/2.8 - Quick Macro Test

Running a quick macro test for the Canon FD 28mm F/2.8 lenses. this is a quick test, i'm not using any tripod, just to demonstrate the macro and the depth of field effect of the lenses ...

f2.8, 1/100se, ISO-200

f/4, 1/80sec, ISO-200

f5.6, 1/60sec, ISO-200

f/8, 1/50sec, ISO-200

I should have reduce the shutter speed further, due to the quick test and handholding of the camera, i didn't further reduce the shutter speed to incur handshake .. that the reason why the photo is a bit dim ...

f/11, 1/40sec, ISO-200

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